Koziol, the Blood Engineer. (+ Answering a bunch of asks!)

Red Embrace: Paradisus

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character portrait for Koziol

wired to the world

House: Golgotha
Height: 5'9
Likes: Candles, bones, nanomedicine, bright colors, mercury, dogs
Dislikes: Loud noises, smokers, darkness, sharing things


Warm, soft-spoken, and stunningly intelligent, Koziol is an anatomical scientist and surgeon of otherworldly skill. Despite their outwardly shy nature, however, Koziol seems to show rather obsessive tendencies towards the objects of their desire. They possess a poetic, almost romantic appreciation for the body and all its workings.

The Golgotha’s greatest power lies in crafting technological implants, which combine circuitry with the arcane powers of vampire blood to enhance – and transform – a subject. Rumors abound of the dangerously potent strength that these implants can offer.

Koziol mostly keeps to themself, unaffiliated with any faction, though friendly to all. But when they’re implicated in the gathering darkness over Las Vegas, a reckoning may be at hand.


Stay tuned for more character introductions in the following weeks! There is much still to uncover about the strange occurrences of 1999…

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Answering Asks!

With the two smashing recent releases and REP steadily churning along in production(which is looking phenomenal!), is there already plans for another game in store since AG seems to always be producing games concurrently? Do we get a little hint or is it going to be another collaboration such as it usually is with Gallium?

A: There are plans indeed! In fact, we’re working on two new visual novels at the moment–stay tuned for more details in the next couple of months. :)

Hi! I love ReH and is there any hope we’ll ever see Jack in Red Embrace Paradisus?

A: While it’s unlikely Jack would make a major appearance in RE:P, you might very well spot him…somewhere. Probably getting into trouble.

Is Zhang romancable?

A: No, not presently. The currently 3 planned optional love interests are Dakayivani, Rosalind, and Koziol. Any additional LIs will depend on the amount of success/public response RE:P receives in Early Access and/or Kickstarter later!

How old are the male and female characters in Red Embrace Hollywood?

From oldest to youngest: Andrei > Saorise > Zhang > Randal > Heath > Aleusha > Jack > Lazarus. (Markus: ???)

Is there any tip to unlock 100% of the REH text? I can’t seem to go beyond 94% even though I have already completed all endings and have replayed it a few times already.

A: It would be very difficult to unlock 100% of the text, as there are numerous small text snippets that occur for unique blends of House/choices/ending path/route. We actually avoided making a 100% text achievement for this very reason, haha. The best advice we can give is to skip through every route with each house, and make sure you’ve visited Lazarus a second time in Markus’ normal ending. We admire your dedication immensely!

Just wanted to congratulate Zhang for finally getting a pair of eyes! Thank you devs for bringing him back <3 PS @Zhang, how does it feel to have eyes now?

A: We passed along your question to Zhang, who replied:

“It’s simply marvelous! Things did get so dreadfully claustrophobic underneath my hat. I was always bumping into trees and lampposts, too, very inconvenient. But no longer! If anyone wishes to share a third eye with me, however, I certainly wouldn’t say no.”