Read on for details about the new RE:P alpha update, and join our relief sale!

Red Embrace: Paradisus

a smirking vampire holding blackjack cards on a neon background, with a roulette wheel and poker chips



You can play the Alpha for RE:P on our Patreon!

RE:P Alpha v0.0.2.1 Update

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A variety of adventures in the new update

We recently just launched the first update for RE:P’s alpha! It includes a new area, a pair of new NPCs, an extra skill/trait addition, and some extra polish updates!

If you’d like to join the alpha and help forge RE:P’s development, you can get a Steam key (valid for both the alpha + final game) by joining us on Patreon. Watch the game as it grows, and contribute to its final path through submitting feedback, joining our design polls, and letting us know what you want to see!

v0.0.2.1 Alpha Features

** All content (lighting, animations, music, 3D models, etc.) is a work-in-progress. It is not a complete and accurate representation of the final game.


For those who would rather wait for a more polished, complete version of the game—we’ll still be posting regularly here to keep you updated on our progress! You’re very welcome to join our Discord and participate in the community while waiting, too.

Next Month’s Update

So what’s on the plate for next month? We have a fair amount planned, but here are some major things we’re aiming to get done!

AG Itch Sale for Ukrainian Relief

relief sale details, 50% off all AG games on itch with 100% of proceeds donated to Ukraine relief

Today until March 1st

We’re running a Ukrainian relief sale for the next few days on, with 50% off all our games and 100% of the proceeds going to the International Medical Corps. (We have a $500 goal presently.) The sale will run until March 1st.

If you own our games already or would rather just contribute directly, we encourage you to give what you can to the IMC (link below). 💙

The Hepatica Spring is launching soon!

the hepatica spring kv

If you haven’t seen it yet, our side visual novel The Hepatica Spring is preparing for release! It should be available on Windows/Mac within the next 1-2 weeks, and on Google Play shortly afterwards.

It’s a Nordic fairytale inspired, lightly Disney flavored game with 3 platonic/romantic routes! If you’re looking for something fluffy, fun, and with the cutest drog (dragon-dog) in the world, please check it out and add it to your Steam wishlist! It helps our visibility immensely. <3

Dev Stream


Tomorrow, we’ll be doing a dev stream at our usual time: 0730PST/1030EST! We hope you’ll stop by to join us. :)

Questions or Comments?

Feel free to send in questions about RE:P and any AG/GAG games (or dev-related questions)! Our Ask Box is always open.