Sal describes the two factions of Red Embrace: Paradisus—NetiZen and the Lucaci.

Red Embrace: Paradisus

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THE FACTIONS (ft. Salvador)

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Your guide for tonight.

We’re taking a brief break from character introductions for something a little bit different today!

We’ve recruited Salvador, your first friend in the vampire underworld, to give us a brief rundown of the two main factions in Red Embrace: Paradisus. We’re quite fortunate that he took time out of his busy schedule to oblige us.

(Note: The following interview is an edited version of dialogue that will appear in next month’s Alpha build update.)

The NetiZen and the Lucaci Group

“You wanna know about the factions, huh?” Scratching his beard, Sal sniffs and twists his mouth to one side, apparently musing on your question.

“I’ll give you a little rundown, but you’re better off talking to the people who run the damn things.” He heaves a sigh, although you sense he’s not as disgruntled as he’s trying to be. “I wish they had info handouts or some shit, would make my job a lot easier.

“Well, first off, you have the NetiZen folks. Their name’s cheesy enough to induce cardiac arrest, but they’re smart—so smart it kinda scares me.” Sal shudders theatrically.

“They’re mostly young vampires, all wild about technology. They think it’s the future for our kind, our only hope of survival, that kind of shit.”

How do you think they’d react to MC?

“Eh, I’d say if MC makes a good enough impression, NetiZen would probably let ’em in. They’re a lot friendlier to new vampires than old ones.”

Do they have a political ideology of some kind?

“Uh…maybe.” He doesn’t seem convinced. “I think they’re more about spiritual stuff than politics…oh yeah, and they like rave parties a lot. Does that tell you about their politics?” A little snicker.

“The other big corpse club out there is the Lucaci Group—though most people just call ’em the Lucaci. It’s Romanian, I think. Really thematic, don’t you agree?

“Now, the Lucaci’s a bunch of traditional types, mostly older vampires, who’re filthy fucking rich. They basically own the Strip, and they’ve got a huge chunk of Vegas in their pockets.

“The group’s run by three dead folks…” He snaps his fingers a few times, then lets out a resigned sigh. “The names, uh, escape me. They’re weird people, but I gotta hand it to them—they do their best to keep the locals happy.”

And what would they think of MC?

Sal ponders this for a moment, squinting slightly. “That’s tricky. The Lucaci would probably let MC work for ’em, but they’d really have to bring their A-game.”

Do they enforce any rules on other vampires, since they’re so powerful?

“You’d think they would, but for the most part, they don’t bother.” He smirks wryly. “Probably because it’s easier for them to just throw money at whatever problems people cause. Enforcing rules takes a lot of time and money. Not worth it.

“They do have a beef with the NetiZen kids though, and vice versa, so just be aware of that. It’s not open war or anything, but if you play nice with one…the other will probably tell you to go fuck yourself.

“But yeah, that’s the factions.” Sal claps his hands together with satisfaction. “Once all this chaos blows over, maybe MC will join one. Or maybe they won’t.”

He pauses, his eyes glimmering devilishly in the light. “Just a roll of the dice.”


Stay tuned for more character introductions in the following weeks! There is much still to uncover about the strange occurrences of 1999…

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