Read on to see the character details for Salvador! Also, answering some questions on blood pets and…cult leaders?

Red Embrace: Paradisus

a smirking vampire holding blackjack cards on a neon background, with a roulette wheel and poker chips



If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the announcement post for RE:P!

Introducing: Salvador!

character info card for salvador, text below

You can trust him, we promise.

House: Iscari
Height: 5'10
Likes: Magic tricks, city lights, electric guitar, mischief
Dislikes: Talking about himself, crowds, video games, peacocks

Description: A playful, easygoing loner and self-proclaimed “nobody,” Sal is your first friend and quasi-mentor in the vampiric underworld. Like many Iscari, he’s effortlessly charming, though a little theatrical at times. He also works the night shift at a strangely empty bar, where you first encounter him.

But there’s something mysterious about Sal. He shows a persistent interest in you from the start, even protecting you despite the risks involved. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but you have a feeling all is not what it seems.

Why is he helping you? And who really is “Salvador”?


Stay tuned for more character introductions in the following weeks! There are many NPCs in RE:P, and we’re super excited to introduce you to them all!

Questions or Comments?

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Q: I have a question. Will we have a strix, too? And would their existence influence our interaction with the LI?

A: For those unfamiliar with previous Red Embrace titles, some mortals in the Red Embrace universe are known as a Strix or Strices (plural). These humans have uniquely appealing blood, but if they’re turned, their bodies can react in dangerous and unpredictable ways. In Red Embrace: Hollywood, the player character has the option of having a Strix for a blood pet (feeding from them repeatedly).

As for RE:P, there may or may not be another Strix appearance! There will be optional blood pets, though. Unless they’re romantically involved with the MC (whether they’re romanceable is TBD), there likely won’t be much reaction from any love interest…unless said love interest objects to blood pets or happens to be jealous, of course.

Q: Just noticed that there’s an update to the screenshots for RE:P and cult leaders are included in all houses. Is this a sign for things to come?

A: We’re happy you noticed this fun little detail! However, the inclusion is just to show the equal career opportunities available for all types of vampires…

Or is it?