Kiefer, a wild Mavvar and infamous hacker.

Red Embrace: Paradisus

a smirking vampire holding blackjack cards on a neon background, with a roulette wheel and poker chips



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character info card for Kiefer, text below

N@sty N@sty

House: Mavvar
Height: 5'6
Likes: Green, math, MUDs, raves, dogs, breakdancing, his butsudan
Dislikes: Corporations, formalwear, pop music, waiting, weddings


Loud, energetic, and impossible to ignore, Kiefer stands as a champion of punk. Despite his youth, he’s already infamous—a menace to authority, but a hero for rebels. Few can handle his unpredictable, explosive intensity.

Except for his clanmates, that is. He’s part of a small, but swiftly growing group of young vampires in Vegas, united by their love of technology and hatred for the older elites. Though he’s not their leader, Kiefer is one of five vampires who founded the clan, and his unmistakable presence makes him an excellent poster child.

As one of the finest hackers in the vampire world, he’s an expert at terrorizing corrupt companies and the government. His screenname, “N@sty,” makes CEOs immediately sweat. The reckless unpredictability of his methods has sysops everywhere quaking in their boots.

But there’s far more to this wild Mavvar beneath the surface. Despite his reckless appearance, Kiefer’s true beliefs—and his haunting burdens—run deeper than one might think.


Stay tuned for more character introductions in the following weeks! There is much still to uncover about the strange occurrences of 1999…

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Answering Asks!

Curious as to how exactly do you all layout and write your scripts because AG has some of the best writing I’ve ever seen in any games or even just in general, how do you balance that richness of text with visual aspects as you come up with it?

Thank you so much for the kind comment! For our VNs, the scripts are usually loosely outlined on paper or in a Google Doc, before being written directly as Ren’Py code. The story is rarely set in stone, however, and often the main points of the script change/evolve as writing continues. Art development usually runs concurrently to scriptwriting, so the script also frequently changes based on the art we receive in order to form a cohesive whole. For us, the process overall feels quite similar to developing a movie or play, and focusing on how the final experience will come together for the audience while planning the individual components.