RE:M preparing for launch! Summer sale links + answering an ask about the next game’s MC!

Steam/Itch Summer Sale

Sale banner with Markus

All of our games are currently discounted on Steam/! Many of our games are having their biggest discount yet, so if there’s an AG title you’ve had your eye on, now’s the time to snag it~

~ AG Sale on Steam

~ AG Sale on Itch (DRM-free)

Red Embrace: Mezzanine




We’re in the final stages of bugfixing and beta testing for Red Embrace: Mezzanine! Currently, our planned release date is within a week or so. Keep an eye out for the big announcement!

As a reminder, RE:M will be completely free, and we intend to make it playable in a web browser as well as on Steam/a downloadable file.

screenshot of night skyline, caption: 'I don't feel like saying anything else, so I just follow his gaze into the distance.'

Questions or Comments?

Feel free to send in any AG-related questions! Our Ask Box is always open.

Q: If I got it right, RE Mezzanine is a prequel to a larger future RE game. Is this future project’s MC going to have a customizable gender, like in RE:H?

A: RE:M is indeed a prequel to a larger RE game! And yes, the next game’s MC will have a customizable gender and appearance.

Thanks so much for all of your amazing support, and stay safe out there!