The demo for Pale Cachexia is now available to download! Read on for info about tomorrow’s stream, and an Ask answer about writing in RE:H!

Pale Cachexia Demo Launched

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Click to visit the demo page!

The Pale Cachexia demo is now live! Download it on!

It’s a short demo (around 30 minutes or less), but it’ll introduce you to our main characters and the Gothic setting. We’re excited to hear your feedback, so if you’d like to share it with us directly, hop on our Discord server!

Stream Tomorrow!

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We’re back to our Saturday dev stream schedule! We stream work from our games and chat with fans starting at 7:30 AM PST/10:30 AM EST for about 3 hours, so come stop by tomorrow, January 9th and hang out if you’d like!

Ask Answers

Q: Are there any particular bits in REH that the devs really enjoyed writing? Or even certain parts of each route? The game feels crafted with so much love and care and produces more questions than it does answers and it speaks about the amount of care and thought that went into it.

A: Thank you for the kind words!

Dovah: While a lot of RE:H was difficult to write, a few scenes do stick out as more enjoyable. Markus’ rainy bus stop scene was quite fun, as it felt like a rare cozy moment, and (weirdly enough) one of the most wholesome scenes in the game.

Markus’ dream scenes were surprisingly easy and satisfying to write, maybe because the constraints of a “normal” timeflow and plot sequence weren’t present, so I could pretty much just let things flow.

I’d been picturing/daydreaming Randal’s special ending in my head since before the game was even announced, so when I finished writing the scene many months later, it left me in a kind of numb awe at finally putting it down on (metaphorical) paper.

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