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We look back over 2020 to review everything we learned and accomplished and think about what’s next on the agenda for 2021.

Edit 1: Adjusted streaming times to 0730PST/1030EST (dev stream, Saturdays) and 1700PST/2000EST (first game stream, Saturday the 16th)

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2020 was a busy and productive year for us, despite all the global circumstances. We released Self-Checkout Unlimited (our first 3D game, made in Unreal), the demo for *Dead Man’s Rest*, and announced *Pale Cachexia*. Red Embrace and Your Dry Delight received translations in Russian and Italian, and Chinese, French, and Russian, respectively. We also opened a merchandise shop.

Our plans for 2021 are just as packed! We plan to release two VNs in the early part of the year: Pale Cachexia and Dead Man’s Rest. The shop will be getting some more merch, at minimum some mugs and more posters/print-type products. We’ll be working on another Argent Games visual novel (likely an LGBT VN) and recruiting for at least one new visual novel under Gallium Games. We also plan to explore Godot (or Unity, which we already have experience using) for another game not in the visual novel genre.

There will be a community event on our Discord server on the 15th: hop in for details! We’ll also be doing a game stream on the 16th on our Twitch channel!


Self-Checkout Unlimited

Tricks, Frustrations, and maybe some Tips for Unreal 4.23 from devs who knew nothing about making a shiny 3D game

Visual Novel Translations

Merch Store

Business matters

(note, all business matters are with respect to the USA, and it is very possible that we are misunderstanding something, especially with respect to IRAs)

2021 plans


Community Building + Streaming

Merch Store

Gallium Games

Thank you for reading, and for helping to support AG through 2020! We can’t wait to share our new games and experimental stories with you through 2021 and many years beyond.

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