3D/GUI art update, plus tentative plans for beta testing!

SCU Progress Update!

Another week of great progress for SCU!

We are tentatively aiming to enter the beta testing phase at the end of June, although it may end up being early July if further additions end up being needed. Our Patreon beta-level backers will have access when it’s available!

Vaporwave area

Unhurried maze

As 3D art continues to finish up in major areas, we’re also working on GUI art, such as this retro computer screen for a certain level!

Old Windows-esque PC screen

Hacking the brain

Programming has progressed to level 7/8, which means we’ll soon be ready to go back and start adding features such as music, SFX, and voice acting!

Out of service escalator signs

Higher circuits require lower ones

Questions or Comments?

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Thanks so much for all of your amazing support, and stay safe out there!