Trying out a new way to group tasks and deadlines.

Self-Checkout Unlimited

Screenshot of mall hub skylight showing a pink-purple-blue sky gradient

Playing with some outdoor sky colors

Task list – new column organization idea

We’ve started doing some Spring Cleaning of our organizational tools, and this past weekend decided to add a new column with short-term, unspecific deadlines in an attempt to be more disciplined with deadlines.

Deadline timelength column name

Deadline time...length?

Our previous tasks only had an optional field for deadlines (and deadline ranges), but we wanted to add a new, less specific way of grouping task priorities roughly by due date. We came up with “week”, “month”, and everything else buckets, where the buckets indicate roughly how long a task should take. The assumption is that as soon as we put a short-term deadline on the task, the clock starts ticking. There was some slight difficulty figuring out how to name the column for these short-term deadlines, as seen above!

Questions or Comments?

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Q: Hello! I was wondering when will a casting call be announced and where? Also I think I saw one on your website (where you can download the game) however I was confused because I saw no script :/ could you send me the script please? I’m so interested in voicing acting for you guys! :) love your game btw

A: The casting call for Self-Checkout Unlimited, which is our latest casting call, is already closed. You can keep up to date with future casting calls by following us on Twitter, Facebook, and joining our Discord.

Thanks so much for all of your amazing support, and stay safe out there!