Fun things arrived in the mail today as we contemplate packaging for store items.

Sticker package arrival

Blurry image of a USPS package

What's that in the mail?

Receiving fun items in the mail is a real joy, especially when we can bring to you a blurry preview picture! Can you figure out what’s been blurred out? They’ll be up on the store!

Preparing the AG Merch store involves some extra logistical steps that we hadn’t thought of before…such as packaging. How will we package the various items offered at the individual-item level? We had previously only thought about packaging the actual shipment (using bubble mailers, USPS boxes, bubble wrap, etc.), completely forgetting that each item can’t just be tossed into the bag loosely!

Some new questions that still need to be answered include:

Questions or Comments?

Q: Will you continue making visual novels after SCU?

A: Be on the lookout for some visual novel-related news in the coming months~

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