Updating our Patreon rewards and goals. Crown icon from our Patreon by Vikachu.

New Game Announcement Reminder

This Friday (1/10) will mark the official announcement of AG’s next project! Stay tuned for the big day~

Patreon update

Our first Monday Dev Blog post brings a hefty reworking of our Patreon! Tier amounts are the same, but rewards have changed, and we have some exciting new goals to strive for. Icons by Vikachu.


Coin ($1)

silver coin with peacock

Orb ($5)

ball with peacock on top

Crown ($13)

crown with AG in center

Throne ($23)

throne with AG on top and peacock motifs around


Reaching these milestones unlocks new content for all!

$500: Monthly Q&As with the devs! Patrons will be able to submit and vote on questions.

$1000: All patrons at tiers $5+ will receive a free AG goodie bag (ships anywhere in the world, must be a Patron at time when goal is reached)! We’ll also start monthly giveaways of AG merch to lucky Patrons.

$2000: Throne Patrons will receive a free monthly postcard in the mail! Postcards will be available in the merch store.