Today’s update covers RE:H’s Google Play release, plus some general news!

Red Embrace: Hollywood Now on Google Play!

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Click to check out the Google Play page!

Red Embrace: Hollywood is now available on Google Play! It’s been a challenge ironing out all the bugs that come with mobilization, but it’s finally here!

Important note: The Google Play version of RE:H does not include any adult content in order to meet GPlay content guidelines. An uncensored Android version is available on

General Update

Aside from Google Play, we’ve got other news from this week to share with you!

We’re currently commissioning art pieces for the upcoming AG merch store! Sh00 is hard at work again, this time creating awesome designs for posters and shirts. We’re not neglecting our other games, however–the original Red Embrace, Your Dry Delight, and Chess of Blades all have merch lined up!

Brainstorming and planning work continues for our 3D game, which is on track to be a remarkable experience.

Finally, we’ve been finishing up our Halloween Event, where Discord members penned down a hilarious RE:H crack-fic, and a few brave souls are now daring to read it in audio chat. There’s one more reading scheduled for Saturday at 9 PM PST, so join our Discord to partake in the final shenanigans!

Ask answers

More questions from our Ask Box for you this week! Feel free to send in your queries about anything RE:H or AG related.

This question addresses the Halloween Event mentioned above:

Q: So… How did the vampires feel about the Discord Server Halloween Event crack fic?

A: The best way to describe this is probably from the fic itself:

ladnar flipping tables

A table speaks a thousand words.