Today’s update is a brief discussion of what we’ve been working on!

Status Update

While recovering from the whirlwind RE:H ride, we’re still hard at work on the Android release, Kickstarter rewards, and merch (coming in the near future).

And starting next Tuesday, Dovah will also be staying in Seattle (where Gamma currently lives) for a few months. During that time, we’re expecting to meet some new devs/potential contractors for our next games!

KS Rewards, Soundtrack, Dev Commentary Book/Artbook

art dev book


We’re currently finishing up the Kickstarter rewards, including the postcards and wallpapers. These should be ready by next week.

You can also look forward to:

The developer commentary book, artbook, and OST will be available on Steam/Itch for purchase!

Patreon Update

patreon link

Feed a hungry dev today!

We recently reworked our Patreon tiers! We’re hoping to give back a lot more to our Patrons, so we’ve added in extra monthly WIP arts as well as a monthly character portrait wallpaper and other goodies.

You can read more about the Pat rewards on the AG Patreon page! Thanks so much for all your support in keeping us going \o/.

Other Shiny Things

RE:H on Android is still in the works, but we’re getting closer to a release. Ideally, we’d like to get it out by the end of the month!

RE:H merchandise, as well as merch from our other games, will most likely be ready within a couple of months.

As for Steam trading cards, we’re waiting to reach the nebulous Steam threshold when trading cards are allowed. Keep an eye out for a future update on this!

Ask Answers

Lots of questions from our Ask Box for you this week! Feel free to send in your queries about anything RE:H or AG related.

Q: Of Randal, Heath, Markus, and Saorise - did any of them choose to become vampires, or were they all turned unwillingly/unknowingly?

A: Find out in-game! Heath’s backstory most explicitly describes his turning, but you can also find out bits and pieces of the others’ stories, often through optional side conversations.

Q: How opposed would the vamps be to us using endearments/pet names on them? (love, hon, babe, etc.?)

A: None of them would really be opposed to pet names, although they’d have their individual preferences, no doubt. For instance, “Love Nugget” might not go over so well with Randal, but Markus would likely find it a fascinating title.

Q: Just completed through all the endings for REH, and I enjoyed every moment I spent playing it :) Just to ask, is there any way that the player character get to know more about Zhang? He’s such a interesting character and I love his sense of humor haha.

A: You can learn a little about Zhang through Andrei’s side conversations, although there’s not much information on him in the game currently. He seems to be the highest-ranking side character in terms of popularity so far–he’d probably be quite tickled to know that.

Q: I know is waaaay too soon to be asking this but are you guys thinking of making a third game?

A: A potential third game in the RE universe isn’t out of the question, but it would likely not start development for a few years, if it were to happen.