Doors are dangerous. Thumbnail image by Discord member CipherMeisa#5091.

Layers of Fear, >observer_

Researching for our next game involves playing games, and conveniently keeping in line with the Halloween spirit, we played through Layers of Fear and a little bit of >observer_ (in reverse order) this past week. We may have dropped some hints about looking towards a 3D story-driven game with small puzzles, and these games are in that vein. They also happen to have some horror elements (jump scares, psychological horror) (see Halloween spirit).

Unfortunately, much of the horror was lost upon us as we failed magnificently at opening doors. Jump scares? There may have been some, but we were too busy being stuck behind the door or staring at the floor as we try to pull the door open! We would not have expected doors to be so troublesome, so if we do decide to have doors in our next game, they’ll definitely receive some special attention for usability.

stick figure trying to open a door and missing a dropping spider jump scare


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