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Android, our nemesis

One might wonder why RE:H still isn’t out on the Google Play store yet. This is all due to some small, finicky problems with getting the right screens to show up or the save slots to act correctly. Integrating all the Google Play changes would not be so difficult if it didn’t also take half an hour to upload builds to the store and many hours for the updates to be available for us to test. Not to mention, it takes many minutes or hours for refunds to occur, and testing purchases over and over requires issuing refunds for the test purchases…

Steam readies its attack

We received an email today that caused us some sadness and grief. The information contained in this email will be publicized in the next week or so (and we can’t talk about it), but just know that an extra helping of work is being served unasked.

Mac storms brew on the horizon

If you’re using a Mac and access Steam, you might notice a dull brown banner that says various games are not compatible with Mac OSX Catalina. This is because Apple is removing all support for 32-bit applications AND requiring apps to be notarized. App notarization is a bit like form notarization, in that a developer has to submit some forms (and the app in question) and get a little signed certificate. Apple app processing has quite the reputation for being difficult, slow, and picky. Plus, it’s going to cost developers to get the notarization, as you need an official Apple developer account (100USD/year). This applies to all apps (text editor, browser, etc.), not just games. We’re trying to keep an eye out for how to deal with this when it hits. Luckily, for the time being, most Mac users are downgrading from Catalina when they notice that half their apps no longer work.

Windows throws bananas

For the most part, Windows has been playing nice. It is just that occasionally, a player will report a mysterious bug or crash that we are absolutely unable to replicate. Asking other players if they have ever encountered the specific bugs/crashes also returns a negative. Is it because of Windows 8? Some interaction with some other programs installed on their machine? The gods of technology? It frustrates us to receive these reports and be unable to solve (or even just replicate) them, especially since they prevent players from experiencing the game as intended (or at all).

Itch erases some notes

Most (or all?) of our games on Itch come with a Steam key. Sometimes, we receive a support ticket asking for the key because it doesn’t exist on their downloads page. These tickets are few and far between, but it is strange that they even occur. We have yet to figure out any sort of pattern for why some users simply don’t receive the key. If this happens to you, just send us ( a screenshot of your Downloads page (showing how the Steam key isn’t where it should be) and we’ll get it sorted out.

Ask Answers

A question to answer from our Ask Box for you this week! Feel free to send in your queries about anything RE:H or AG related.

Q: Hi! I was wondering if you plan on participating in the whole Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale thingy. If not that’s fine ^^

A: Probably not, since there are so many sales stacked up in the end of the year.