Today’s update announces RE:H’s upcoming beta, + CG teasers!!

Upcoming Beta Testing!!

Some very exciting news: Beta testing for RE:H will begin next week[end]!

We’re aiming to roll it out on Friday (8/16), which will allow roughly a week for players to send in feedback. The beta won’t be a fully complete build–no special endings and some CGs will be sketches–but it will contain most of RE:H’s content.

Kickstarter backers and our higher-tier Patrons will have access to the beta! We’ll send out emails/messages with download links when it starts, and we’ll be opening a specific beta-feedback channel in the Argent Games Discord, if you’d like to rant/rave about various RE:H related content. Otherwise, testers can send in feedback via a beta testing form.

We’re still aiming for an end-of-August release for the full game–we’ll announce a specific date after we enter the beta period.


Are you ready to take on Hollywood?


We’re tearing through the last few batches of CGs! Sh00 is working tirelessly in an incredible burst of awesome art \o/ Send them love and support!

cg teaser

Who are you trying to fool?

cg teaser

As hollow as the zeros on their credit cards

cg teaser


Ask answers

Another question from our Ask Box for you this week! Feel free to send in your queries about anything RE:H or AG related.

Q: In Red Embrace there is mention of MC being what’s called a ‘Strix’. Will we see that mentioned in Red Embrace: Hollywood too?

A: Yes indeed. The MC, with their extraordinary [mis]fortune, happens to encounter a Strix during the story…

Their fate may rest in your hands!