Today’s update touches on our rough timeline, plus some screenshots and CG teasers!

Release Date / Beta Update

As we finally crest into August, progress is still going super well! We’re steadily approaching beta testing, but we don’t have a firm date yet–keep an eye out!

Once we do have a date for beta, we can give a more confident release date, although we estimate it’ll be the end of August. Thanks to the game’s massive size, we’re trying to plan ahead for fixing bugs and potential issues, so we don’t want to set anything in stone too soon!

Programming / Side Convo Progress

As side convos start to wrap up on the programming end, here’s an exciting bit of news: the total length of all the side convos/optional character lore in RE:H is almost 2/3rds of a route!

side convo options

And there are many things to discuss.

Of course, you won’t be able to see all of the convos in every playthrough. And beyond that, some of them might have new options depending on your route and choices…

side convo options

Maybe be a little careful with your wording.


More Randal and Markus CGs were knocked out this week! Some of Heath’s are in-progress too, so have some sketches and teasers!

cg teaser


cg teaser

All around me are familiar faces...

cg teaser

A warm place

Ask answers

Another question from our Ask Box for you this week! Feel free to send in your queries about anything RE:H or AG related.

Q: Will the romance go deeper in RE:H than it has gone in other games of yours, or it’s not what you want to be focusing on on this one in particular?

A: This is a really good–and complicated–question!

The easiest answer is that RE:H is not focused on romantic tension. If the player wants to engage one of the mentors romantically, they definitely can–but there aren’t many dramatic artificial roadblocks that keep the two apart. In fact, the MC and chosen mentor can enter an informal relationship fairly early on, and romantic overtones/choices are then factored into their following interactions.

Overall, the game is more focused on deeply exploring the characters’ natures, creating a stronger emotional bond that works with or without romance on top. Because you can spend more time with the characters and learn more about them, it’s likely that the romance will feel “deeper,” but that connection also works on a platonic level.

You may learn interesting things through just “friendship” that you can’t in a romantic relationship, and vice versa…so consider exploring both paths!