Today’s update covers more programming progress, CG teasers, and player stats!

Randal’s Route Programming: Almost Complete!

As per the title, Randal’s route is basically finished with programming (aside from CGs etc.)! Once the final touches are added, next up will be side conversations and epilogue scenes.

Night time overlooking the city. Randal squinted at the table, letting out an awed HAH!


Inside Markus' shop. Markus says: ...Except for you, Ash. I have some spare cheese for you in the back.

But it may be a bit crusty.

Randal grinning by a graffiti'd wall saying: But he has got the Open sign on, so I am guessin we can enter his orifice--I mean, his office.

Or both.

CG and OST Progress


More of Markus’ CGs were completed this week, with more WIPs for his and Randal’s route on the way…

Back of Randals head

All the world...

Sketch of someone...

Do you recognize me?

Blocky Markus

doki doki


The OST is complete! However, our composer has agreed to do an extra ambient track, just to round out the soundtrack a little more!


This week, Dovah and Gamma had a lengthy meeting about player stats implementation in RE:H. We’re putting a lot of effort into making said stats feel non-“game-y.” They’re meant to be natural, intuitive, and allow for a lot of flexibility–you don’t always have to mean what you say.

You may be familiar with some stats from the demo, but most of those are being reworked! They’re roughly split into personality and reputation, but the former does affect the latter.

We’ve currently got a spreadsheet with 14 columns and growing. It keeps track of how your stats will be affected in every choice, and how much.

You can see a small sample of a few columns here!

stats spreadsheet

Warning: Prolonged exposure may make viewer lose will to live.

Ask answers

More questions from our Ask Box for you this week! Feel free to send in your queries about anything RE:H or AG related.

Q: Where was the point that you decided to develop a visual novel with an emphasis on customization and immersion? And why?

A: The original Red Embrace was something of a fun experiment, combining a “customizable MC personality” with unique responses. Since players seemed to really enjoy it, we kept and (massively) expanded upon the feature for RE:H.

However, RE:H also had another incentive to focus on player immersion. Its core concept is to allow easy self-insertion and role-playing–the difference between “a story that’s happening” and “a story that’s happening to you.” A great deal of the emotional impact is based on whether the player can identify with their character.

Q: Will I be forced to play the “bad” endings of each route to unlock the “special” endings for each route?

A: There are, in fact, no “bad” endings–although some endings may be less “happy” to certain players!

However, Heath and Randal’s special endings are unlocked simply by completing any of their other endings. Markus’ special ending is currently unlocked by seeing the other two special endings. (May possibly change before release.)

Q: This is a question for all our LIs: Imagine you could interview MC - what would be your most important question? What would you like to talk about the most?


Heath: “What’s the thing you long for above everything else?”

Randal: “How far will you go for what you believe in?”

Markus: “Why do you continue to endure?”