Today’s update explores side conversations, and shows some in-game screenshots + CG teasers!

Randal Poster Update

With the programming completion of Randal’s route, here’s the belated return of his poster from our Kickstarter campaign!

randal's new poster

Click to download full size!

Side Conversations

This week, we’ve been working on editing and scripting the side conversations/scenes in RE:H.

In the game’s central sections, the flow goes like this: Common Route Chapter → Side Convos → Chosen Route Chapter → Repeat.

side convo options

Areas to visit are initially limited, but expand as you progress through the story.

Side conversations are entirely optional; if you want to end most of your free nights by going straight to bed, that’s always a viable course of action. (And let’s face it, in real life, it’s a pretty tempting one.)

However, mingling with your fellow vampires not only gives you the opportunity to learn more about them, but it also plays a significant role in affecting your reputation.

cg teaser

You can chat with multiple people/groups and visit different locations, but you can only have so many interactions per night.

Whether you want to become well-respected enough to be LA’s new leader, or just make enough Mavvar friends to be welcomed on the rebel side, allies are important. If nobody likes you by the end of the game, you might just find yourself in a very unpleasant position…

Thus, being a vampire hikikomori is somewhat ill-advised.


Still in the works: Markus, Randal, and Common Route CGs! Sh00 is still making amazing progress, and we’re excited to share more teasers with you!

cg teaser

Somewhere I'm not supposed to be

cg teaser

The good of the many

cg teaser

A red embrace

Ask answers

More questions from our Ask Box for you this week! Feel free to send in your queries about anything RE:H or AG related.

Q: Do you have new ideas for VNs in your head? Or old projects that you want to realize before starting something new?

A: Yes! In terms of VNs, Dovah has quite an expansive list of ideas (including the yet-unfinished Elegy for Lethe, which may be reworked).

However, in the near future, we’d like to make a 3D or more expansive 2D game that still focuses on narrative, but branches out from the realm of visual novels. It’s possible that one or more of these VN ideas will become a 3D or 2D game with additional mechanics!