Today’s update shows some previews of Randal’s route, plus our huge CG progress!

Programming Progress!

Markus Route completion!

Earlier this week, Markus’ route coasted to conclusion (sitting at about 95% finished, with CGs being the majority left to code)!

Let’s celebrate with a friendly reminder:

markus poster

Click to download full size!

Randal Route In-Progress

Coding for Randal’s route is now underway! He’ll be in the works for the next couple of weeks, after which we’ll be moving to the last phases of programming.

Here are some screenshots from within his route (plus a small cameo from Markus’ route)!

Randal gesturing in the beach house and saying: ...More like guard hyenas! Heh heh.

They feed on leftovers

NVL mode Randal saying: Yeah, I get that. Takes awhile before you get desnsitized, even if you are a dead body yourself. Hang in there, kid. He gave me a small, almost gentle smile, letting out a sigh after his encouraging words.

Dead inside?

Markus talking in the club saying: I will inform my ghost secretary to expect your call.

At least you don't have to pay them.

CG Progress

Sh00 has been making huge progress with our CGs! They’re currently working on pieces for Randal’s route, Markus’ route, and the last Common route ones!

Enjoy a few WIPs for some delightful scenes~

Close up of Markus bust sketch

The downward journey.

Side profile of Randal

Late night thoughts.

Bloody body

Just another fan...

Ask answers

More questions from our Ask Box for you this week! Feel free to send in your queries about anything RE:H or AG related.

Q: Are ghosts or other supernatural beings a thing in the RE universe?

A: Vampires prove that death isn’t the end–so it wouldn’t be wise to exclude anything else from post-existence, would it?

Q: I know you finished Red Embrace and is supposed to be short, but would you ever consider expanding on it to wrap up the endings completely and include NSFW content?

A: The original Red Embrace won’t be seeing any future development, as we’d rather focus our attention on new projects. However, it is possible that RE:H might include DLC routes or extra content if there’s enough demand since it has much more potential for expansion!