Today’s update covers the huge progress on Markus’ route, as well as some new teasers and lore asks!

Programming Progress!

Programming for Markus’ route is already almost complete! It should be finished up by early next week, after which Randal’s route is next up on the plate.

Markus has plenty of adventures in store for you, so let’s sample a few of them today~

Markus talking to you in NVL mode at a bus stop saying: And now, here we are, waitin' for a bus that will never arrive. Thank you, Heath.

It's always Heath's fault.

Heath talking to Randal in the club saying: If me being here bothers you so much, I'll leave...

An unpleasant encounter.

Markus speaking to Saorise in your bedroom saying: History has proven that even an armed guard won't protect you from a...well-executed assassination.

...Get it?

CG Progress

Two more CGs have just finished up!

One of those brand-new CGs has also just been implemented in-game…so enjoy a little teaser!

Closeup of arms folded and a chest from a CG

They've got a lot to say.

Ask answers

More questions from our Ask Box for you this week! Feel free to send in your queries about anything RE:H or AG related.

Q: So is there a particular reason Markus has taxidermied tarantulas in his shop or is it for the aesthetic?

A: While Markus is not usually a huge fan of spiders, the taxidermied one behind his counter was a gift from a long-lost friend, given from the heart. Markus has a great deal of personal paraphernalia around his shop, and so he keeps the spider–affectionately dubbed Clarence–as a guardian upon the wall.

Q: Will any of the worldbuilding from the first Red Embrace be retconned in Hollywood or is all the canon still canon?

A: Yes, the worldbuilding is still canon! There are large and small references to RE, including some details that might put an interesting spin on events in the original game.

Some endings in RE:H will make the events of the original RE impossible for various reasons, but it’s completely up to the player to decide which game is ultimately “canon”. For all we know, the original Red Embrace might be Markus’ fanfiction that he wrote up on a typewriter while business was slow.

Q: I was forced to imagine a vampire at a voting booth, so now I have to ask; do RE vamps care at all about human politics? I know vampires have their own political structure within their own people, so does that take precedent over human politics? Is there any chance of meeting a vampire with an “I voted” sticker?

A: Some of them certainly do! A number of vampires are still concerned about human conditions, and those that forge new identities for themselves might show up to exercise their democratic right, undead or not.

However, at the time of MC’s entry into the vampire world, most of LA’s coven is caught up in their own turmoil, without much time to head out to the polls and vote Bill Clinton into office. (Incidentally, Markus loves Bill Clinton–not because of his politics, but because he thinks Bill is just in dire need of a “relieving” item from his shop.)