Today’s update shows off more new screenshots, a CG teaser, and an ask answer!

Heath’s Route Completed!

The coding for Heath’s route is now complete (minus CG scenes)!

To celebrate, let’s bring back his poster from our Kickstarter campaign last year:

heath poster

Progress Update

The Common route is at about 90% coded, with only the final major branches left to code.

Afterwards, Markus’ route will be next up on the plate!

For this week, enjoy a few more screenshots from Heath and Common~

screenshot 1

At the end of many things.

screenshot 2

..."Both the kindest and the cruelest heart of any vampire in Hollywood..."

screenshot 3

It seems like so long ago.

CG progress continues! Randal’s CGs are progressing along with the Common route–have another WIP sneak peek!

screenshot 4

Spreading wings

Ask answers

Another question from our Ask Box for you this week! Feel free to send in your queries about anything RE:H or AG related.

Q: I’m really impressed with how well you manage to make villains that I love to hate. What’s your process for writing villains in your games?

A: [Dovah] In our previous games, I tried to give the antagonists underlying motives that justified (in their eyes) whatever acts they committed against the “heroes.” They varied from pure sadistic tendencies to genuine, passionate belief in their causes–but the “villainous” characters have usually been fairly eloquent, not outright violent.

Looking back, however, I’m very unsatisfied with all the previous antagonists I’ve written, with maybe those in Requiescence being the exception. I wish I had fleshed them out more thoroughly, or else framed their actions in a more ambiguous ethical light. But after analyzing player feedback and my own thoughts on prior AG titles, I believe future games (including RE:H) will feature much more complex and interesting antagonists.

In RE:H, you may also find it much harder to hate them…especially since the “antagonists” can vary wildly depending on your perspective.