Today’s post features some new RE:H screenshots, programming progress, and interesting asks!

Demo Feedback!

In case you missed it: On Monday, we released an updated demo for RE:H!

Thanks to everyone who’s reported bugs and sent in feedback–your comments have helped us smooth out a great deal. RE:H is quite a sizable game both length-wise and programming-wise, so there’s a lot we have to error-check!

We’re aware of a couple more bugs that weren’t fixed in that update, but we’ll try to patch it up soon. In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to send in more bug reports and feedback!

Progress Update!

The Common route and Heath’s route are both roughly 50% complete (programming, small script additions/changes, etc.). Next week, one or both should be almost done!

Enjoy a few more teasers for this week~

Saorise and Markus in the hotel meeting room. Text: As Saorise questioned Markus, who lazily nodded along to her words, I noticed another figure curled up in the chair beside them.

I think he's falling asleep.

Heath in the bedroom. Heath: ...So much less cruel than Hollywood.


Eerie green-blue-tinted park with a mysterious Golgotha. Text: His musical, carefree voice lingered in the air, almost bordering on laughter.

He's here with an invitation.

And as sh00 continues to work on CGs, have a little teaser for a future threat…

Cropped torso of a muscular male in a white wife-beate carrying a gun. Location: Garage.

Diplomacy comes in many forms.

Ask answers

More questions from our Ask Box for you this week! Feel free to send in your queries about anything RE:H or AG related.

Q: Do you plan a Q & A-session some time after the release of RE:H (where we can ask questions to specific game parts and characters etc.)?

A: This is a great (and interesting) question! A post-release Q&A is possible, but it likely wouldn’t address/clarify most major points within the game. The true nature of many events/characters are left up to the player.

Q: Has Markus ever loved someone after being turned into a vampire?

A: Of course–Markus loves many people, just in his own unique way.

Q: How are the mature scenes going to work? Will there be specific choices that lead you to those scenes or is it going to be a skip option kind of thing?

A: To trigger any mature scenes, MC must a) be in a romantic relationship with the chosen character, and b) also agree to/suggest intimacy. The choice is made quite apparent, and no other requirements are needed.

Q: Do you ever intend to reveal Papa Gol’s sprite?

A: An unconfirmed rumor suggests Papa Gol is actually the horse portrait in MC’s hotel room.

Q: On a scale of 1 to 15 possibility, how mature and shocking will the routes be?

A: Fifteen, but not in the ways one might expect.