Today’s post features some brand-new screenshots of RE:H, an update on our estimated release date, and more!


Today is a very exciting day–with programming well under way, we’ve got some new screenshots and info about an updated demo to share with you!

Make sure to read further on for new info regarding release date, as well!

Screenshots and Gifs

While most of these come from the updated demo, #4 is a teaser from the beginning of Heath’s route!

Markus speaking during the car ride: Fortunately for them, no. I'm only one House out of three.

Riding in luxury.

Gif showing your first meeting with Saorise and her dynamic expression and pose changes.

Many things change, but Saorise's sass never will.

Gif meeting with Randal where he is very frustrated in the garage.

Not a happy Vandal.

Gif meeting Heath in a bar.

This place looks cozy...

Gazing over L.A. and seeing the neon sign of the Hollywood Heights Hotel.

Your new home.

More screenshots from further in the game will come soon…

Updated Demo

We’ll also be rolling out an updated demo soon (in the next 1-2 weeks)! It will contain:

These updates will give you a small taste of what’s to come in the full game!

IMPORTANT: Release Date Info!

Most of you know that RE:H’s original estimated release date was May/Spring 2019. We’re already in the second half of May, so let’s talk about release!

Due to switching CG artists and the game’s increased size, we will not be releasing this month. We originally had a separate CG artist, but our sprite artist Sh00 is now working on CGs–which will extend the art time but with the benefit of beautiful CGs and a more consistent style!

The length of RE:H’s script also lengthened dramatically. You can expect a much bigger game than we originally planned (from 100k to likely over 200k words).

So when’s our new estimated release? Most likely mid-summer. We’re committed to making RE:H a highly polished, incredible game, and we believe it’s better to release a fantastic product later than a half-finished one sooner.

We hope you all understand and will look forward to the release!

Ask answers

More questions from our Ask Box for you this week! Feel free to send in your queries about anything RE:H or AG related.

Q: How did you come up with the background/personality of the MC (in RE:H) and what helps/what systems exist to create a believable/relatable MC with so much customization throughout the story? How do you prevent the MC to become inconsistent or boring?

A: [Dovah] This is a fantastic question because it’s definitely been a struggle to make an interesting and consistent MC without making them too opinionated. In fact, a lot of the demo has been edited to alter some of MC’s inner thoughts, allowing the player to consider their own perceptions rather than being told them explicitly.

The best way I found to achieve an optimal MC was by making their default personality “gentle snark,” with very acute perception regardless of their House. They’re constantly observing the world with sharp commentary (and plenty of wry remarks), which helps keep the narrative active without imbuing it with too much specific emotion.

As for their background–while it’s left generally vague and open-ended, there are quite a few interactions where an NPC will ask MC about their experience with something or their personal preferences, allowing the player to further define their character. These opportunities fit a lot more smoothly into casual dialogue than they do as an exposition dump, which I tried to keep pretty minimal at the beginning.

Q: What’s the most you are looking forward to after the release of RE:H? Like do you have plans working further on the project or a new one, spend some well deserved time relaxing, looking forward to the reaction of us while playing your game?

A: [Dovah] I’m hugely looking forward to players’ reactions to RE:H, since it’s such a unique game. But after maybe a day or two of rest, I’ll be happy to start working on a new project, especially after learning so many important things from RE:H.

[Gamma] Squashing bugs, new (and old, finishing up) project(s), and perhaps some physical manifestations of AG works.