Today’s post covers Heath’s finished (!) route, music+BG teasers, and our Abbey Road promo!

Heath Route: 100% Complete!

Heath’s route is finally finished! On Wednesday, Dovah brought the rollercoaster to a close.

It explores some themes a few of you have already noticed, while also delving into others you might not expect. Heath’s personality is also slightly altered from his demo self (the demo sections will be updated later on)–the most noticeable changes make him a little less brazen and instead more subtle.

Next up: Markus’ route! It’s already in the early stages. Once his route is finished, there’s just some remaining common route, ending epilogues, and side conversations to write. Those shouldn’t be too difficult to write, though.

Heath script.

Not with a whimper but a bang

Music Teaser

We’ve got another music teaser for you today! This one is of our “Tension” tracks, which will be appropriately played during moments that are…tense.

Background Teaser

While BGs are complete, we’ll continue to post a few more teasers to keep your appetites whetted.

This teaser, however, can mostly speak for itself.

BR bg teaser


Abbey Road Promo

If you missed it, this week Markus posted a promo picture of the RE:H cast parodying the famous Abbey Road album cover.

Abbey Road parody.

I am he as you are he as you are me; and we are all together

It shows the three main characters following a ~mysterious vampire~ who bears a striking, probably quite deliberate, similarity to MC’s sire. What could it all mean?

The Abbey Road promo pic (done by @experiment_84 on Twitter) is available in full-resolution download [here!]("wallpaper link")