Today’s post includes a snippet of the action track, some answered questions about the demo and NSFW scenes, and a BG/sprite teaser!

Happy Friday, all! Let’s forget about the rapidly approaching Valentine’s Day and talk about vampires, instead, shall we?

Music Teaser

Let’s start off with a music teaser! Today’s clip is from the action track, which you’ll hear during heated fights, chases, and various bloody vampire shenanigans.

Ask Answers

While we covered a lot of questions during last Saturday’s Q&A, we got a couple more this week from our ask box.

If you have any questions of your own you’d like to ask us (about RE:H or any of our other games), don’t hesitate to send them in!

Red Embrace: Hollywood Questions

When you will update the demo?
We will most likely update it close to release (~3 weeks or so out) with new sprites/BGM/various edits.

Will we have the option to disable or skip NSFW scenes?
Most definitely. Romance is optional to begin with, and NSFW scenes are optional even in romantic routes–the MC has to explicitly choose (fairly obvious) options that lead to it. The NSFW scenes do provide interesting character insight, but they’re certainly not essential for understanding the story.

Art Update

Backgrounds are nearing completion–there are only two left to complete!

Take a peek at a place with a moody view of Hollywood, in the meantime~

S bg teaser

The beauty of decay

Our sprite artist is still working on more alternative character poses (including some characters who are still a secret). They’re all quite lovely so far!

Let’s not forget Markus’ third and final pose, either–

Markus third pose.

Judging you, probably

Q&A Recap

Last Saturday’s Q&A was a blast! Thank you to everyone who joined in on our Discord server to ask questions and participate. (For those unaware: During in-character Q&As, everyone can ask the main cast questions live via text, and they’ll type out their responses!)

Thanks to Discord users Radactyl and CipherMeisa, you can read the Q&A transcript here. You can witness the cast’s reactions to questions about crushes, languages, planets, butt freckles, and more~

There will be at least one more Q&A before RE:H’s release, and the next one will take place at a time more suitable for those not in the U.S. timezones. Make sure to keep an eye out for the announcement when it happens!