Heath update, your RE:H questions answered, and an art update! Also: In-character Q&A moved to TOMORROW 10 PM EST/GMT-5 on Discord!

Happy Friday, all! We’ve got some more updates for you this week, so take a look~

Due to some internet/rescheduling issues, the RE:H Q&A will be taking place tomorrow, not tonight! See the bottom of the update for details!

Heath’s Route >66% complete!

Heath’s route is over 2/3 complete! With recent relocation and moving, there’ve been some brief script delays, but things are resuming their normal pace.

Heath scene

Ask Answers

With the recent addition of our ask box, we’ve received quite a few questions about RE:H! Here’s the compilation of this week’s questions. Submit your own for next week!

(Note: If you don’t see your submitted question answered here, it was most likely either spoiler-y or something better discovered in-game.)

Red Embrace: Hollywood Related Questions

In RE:H, will we get a lot of in-game lore and world building, or will most of it be assumed knowledge as the prior game is set in the same ‘world’?
There are definitely elements of new vampire lore that occur during the common and character routes. However, the majority of lore tidbits–both in regard to vampires and other characters–can be picked up from optional side conversations. No prior knowledge about the original RE is needed, although you’ll catch a few fun (and not so fun) references if you’ve played the first game.

So there will be NSFW scenes, yes? If so, will they be very detailed or…?
Yes, there are NSFW scenes–and yes, they go into explicit detail, similar to those in CoB and Requiescence. Some parts have somewhat vague wording to be suitable for trans or enby MCs, but rest assured–there will be all the detail you could ask for, and even more that you didn’t ask for.

Ok but does one of the RE:H boys wear eyeliner or naw?
Randal does indeed wear eye makeup (in no small part inspired by rock ’n rollers/metal bands of the era and earlier).

Do Randal’s tattoos mean anything?
They all have personal significance to him, but it might be more revealing to look at them as a whole, rather than individually…

Does Markus sell porn videos in his shop?
Of course. If you choose to spend time there, you’ll become acquainted with timeless films such as “It Came In Outer Space: A Titillating Tale of Erotic Horror!”

What kind of flowers does Heath prefer to smell like?
Anemone blooms.

Who’s the one into anime and, which anime is it?
Although he wouldn’t be an avid watcher, Randal’s likely seen a few shows, since his diverse clan exposes him to a lot of new things. His favorite is probably Samurai Pizza Cats.

What scents would you ascribe to each character?
Markus: Dust, latex, and air pollution. Randal: The smell of other people, a faint tinge of motor oil, and dried blood. Heath: Light cologne covering hints of cigarette smoke. Saorise: Newspapers.

General Question

How long does it take to make one of your games?
It depends greatly on the scope of the project. They’ve taken anywhere from one month (YDD) to nearly a year (CoB), with most of that time sunk into art or voice acting–the two most time consuming components.

Art Update

Another background sneak peek: a location rebellious MCs might spend a lot of time in…

BH bg teaser

Someone's mess

The Red Queen is also getting some new pose changes.

Sao head turn.


Q&A TOMORROW (2/1) at 10:00 PM EST/GMT-5

The in-character RE:H Q&A session will take place tomorrow, on February 1st! Stop by any time between around 10-11 PM EST/GMT-5.

In-character Q&As take place on our Discord server. Everyone can ask the main cast questions live via text, and they’ll type out their responses!

If you can’t make the time, don’t worry–we’ll post a transcript of the answers for next week’s update! Feel free to also use our ask box for any questions you can’t get answered live.

Also, in order to accommodate our non-U.S. friends, we’ll have the next Q&A (date TBA) in the morning EST.