Hello everyone! Many apologies for missing last week’s post–we’ve had a tumultuous time recently with one of us moving and settling into a new place! Heath Update

Heath Update

The writing for Heath’s route is nearing completion, with only a few scenes left.

It continues to have the most difficult and emotionally challenging scenes to write thus far, but now that the “climaxes” are over, wrapping up the route should be relatively smooth sailing.

Heath begins to close the distance between his and MC's face...

Character Poses

Our magnificent artist Sh00 continues to work on alternate character poses! A number of them are characters you haven’t seen yet, although we may tease snippets as they come along…

But in the meantime, enjoy a new pose for our pensive Red Queen, who is no doubt contemplating your fate.

Sao contemplates your shortcomings with fingertips poised in front.

BGs 100% Complete

We’ve now reached full completion of all RE:H backgrounds! Thanks to the additional work of the talented DAM NA, the game will feature a wide range of colorful, moody, atmospheric BGs that seek to immerse you in the vampiric underworld of Los Angeles.

Many of the BGs are rife with subtle details that pertain to the story or the times, with very few elements that are merely coincidental or randomly chosen. And, if the MC is a Golgotha, they may even notice some strange features emerging before their eyes…

Night time skyscrapers

The dead of night

Asks & Answers

Here are a couple more questions from our public Ask Box! If you have any questions whatsoever about RE:H (or any of our other games or general things), feel free to send them in. You can also find more questions answered on our blog. We generally try to compile a week’s worth of questions into a single post.

Q: Will the MC be able to meet the one who turned them in the future? If so, will it be a romance relationship or otherwise?
A: The MC may well encounter the one who turned them in another meeting. It won’t be a romantic connection, at least in the traditional sense, but the player is free to interpret the encounter as they please.

Q: How does Rivian feel about winning the Argent Hunger Games?

Progress image of the Argent Games Hunger Games

This question is in reference to a fun mini-event on the Argent Games Discord server where users pitted AG characters against each other.

Somehow, despite his pampered, wine-drinking, sweets-gobbling nature, Rivian managed to pull out a victory. He feels quite smug about this, no doubt.