We hope everyone’s been enjoying the holidays! Check out today’s updates and stay tuned for something special on New Year’s…

Heath Route Progress

Heath’s route is underway, going through a fair number of revisions and changes to preserve a specific “feel.” His route is probably the most difficult to write, simply because of the headspace required to accurately get that “feel,” but the end product will be worth it–and most likely very unexpected.

Heath script snippet

Heath spaces out before a meeting

In between writing parts for Heath’s route, Dovah will also be writing some of the in-game conversations the MC can choose from during the common route. See the survey at the bottom for more details!

Heath script snippet

Heath's secondary pose WIP

Music Teaser

Enjoy the third music teaser from the RE:H original soundtrack–this time featuring a snippet from the “Club” track!

In-Game Character Questions Survey!

If you have a few minutes, please fill out this short survey of questions you’d like to see RE:H characters answer in-game!

For context: These questions will be part of common-route conversations that you can have in between main missions. The MC can choose to visit a variety of areas and chat/catch up with the main cast, as well as various side characters who will appear later on.

Be warned, some questions may not receive full answers!