Exhibiting experience at PopCon 2022 (Friday, June 3 to Sunday, June 5) in Indianapolis, Indiana.

MomoCon 2022 wrapup post referenced throughout this post.

players at RE:H and RE:P


PopCon is a pop culture convention that started in 2014 after a successful Kickstarter campaign. We registered for a booth on March 26 when we realized that it fell on dates right after MomoCon. It was a convenient excuse to visit the family!

screenshot of vendor booth application on popcon website

PopCon vendor booth application

The registration was slightly bizarre. There is an online form that requires payment on submission, without any sort of vetting process. The confirmation email after form submission said “Thanks for joining PopCon! See you soon!”

Our main goal going into the con was to promote RE:P and our Patreon (which gives you access to the RE:P alpha).

Exhibit Hall

3 people crowding around the information table

Unlike with MomoCon, we had no special indie game rate or section. We purchased a booth in the exhibit hall, which houses all the vendors, such as artists (no separate Artist Alley) and merch stores. The PopCon hall layout actually also housed the open board game area, cosplay contest photoshoot tent, and all the autograph booths lined along the walls.

The website didn’t list any information about the booth, so we had to email someone asking what came with the booth.

You get a table, 2 chairs and pipe and drape behind your table. There will be 3 foot pipe and drape between you and other vendors

It was unclear to us that “pipe and drape behind your table” meant the typical tall 8?ft curtain. It would have been nice to know that the provided tablecloths and curtains would all be blue and white.

Electricity was not included and had to be purchased separately through the convention center. We were given only a couple of days’ notice to purchase if we wanted to get the cheapest early purchase rate…which we missed. It was not clear that the rates listed were for the entire duration of the convention and not at a per-day rate. We had to email asking for clarification of the rates, and the early rate deadline was buried in the info sheet.

There was a VR booth area housing 7 games and ourselves, for a total of 8 video game developers. Luckily, our booth was placed just next to the VR booth area. There were also a couple of board games strewn throughout the exhibit hall. We were somewhat surprised to be the only video game developers outside of the VR booth…

our day 1 booth setup

Booth on day 1


Total: $2100

Between MomoCon and PopCon, we’re averaging about $700/day for two people, though the extra person doesn’t cost much since the hotel and rideshare costs would remain the same.

Packing List

Would have been nice to pack…

Lessons Learned

the plush king and his professional photographer playing RE:P




two wireframe grids stacked vertically to paste the poster to

New poster setup that worked for a few days. Stacks of RE postcards used to force the two grids to stand upright against the mighty force of gravity


day 3 exhibit booth setup with kirby helming the email signup table

Booth on Day 3. Kirby ready to bring in some email signups

final booth setup with a shiba inu plush, kirby, and navigator kirby plush solo helming the front table

Workforce turnover

Final Thoughts

some small foot traffic in the vendor hall

A busy day

Special Thanks

Thanks everyone for helping make PopCon2022 fun!

Rare Candy's booth setup with lots of authentic Japanese plushies and figures

Rare Candy

We hired our new staff (Shiba, Kirby, and Navigator Kirby) from the Plush King over at Rare Candy. Based in Chicago, you can find them at conventions around the Midwest!

Clique Games VR booth showcasing the game Rouge Ascent

Clique Games

Clique Games is a game publisher specializing in virtual reality (VR) games, though they also publish non-VR titles. Rogue Ascent, a sci-fi shooter using Quest’s hand-tracking v2.0 technology (meaning no controller needed!), was being showcased at their booth. They organized the VR Booth and shared valuable insights in how they measure the success of exhibiting at a convention and what they would change about their booth setup next time around. The REBOOT VR Game Dev awards was also revived by them. Next year, they are hoping to do a more general indie (video?) game area (instead of just VR) and open up the game awards to all indie (video?) games.

the two arcaxer devs posing with the vr game awards trophy in front  of their booth


Overrun showcased Arcaxer, a VR RPG game with turn-based shmup-infused combat and a 3rd-person god-view overworld for dungeon exploration. The game is currently available on the Oculus Quest and SteamVR. Congratulations on winning the REBOOT VR Game Dev awards!

players at the atlassia booth playing standing up and sitting down


Atlassia is a VR battle royale-style hero shooter inspired by Apex and Valorant. The game is available on the Oculus Quest and includes a neat adaptive positioning system that allows you to play both sitting and standing!

jake oaks, software developer posing with the IQ table where he ported the tabletop game Grim Pickings to PC

Grim Pickings

Grim Pickings is a board game developed at IUPUI, ported over to PC by Jake Oaks. Players take turns exploring the board trying to build a strong zombie before fighting it out! The team had a fun video game version setup where you play on a large touch screen (called an IQ table) with some minimal hand gesture controls possible via Leap Motion. Jake’s looking for work as a programmer, so reach out to him if you’re in need of a programmer!

Misc pics

sun getting close to setting and a clear blue sky
many different types of kirbies at the plush king's booth
build a lightsaber booth
Amazing mysterio the villain from spiderman cosplay
Purple kitty darth vader

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