Notes and reflection from exhibiting at MomoCon 2022 (Thursday, May 26 to Sunday, May 29) in Atlanta, Georgia.


lobby of the convention center with large welcome to momocon2022 banner

MomoCon is an anime fan convention located in Atlanta, Georgia, that has been running since 2005. We originally registered for their Indie Booth exhibitor pass in 2020, but it rolled over to 2022 due to the pandemic. We decided to register for this convention due to its anime-themed nature, hoping to showcase our more anime-styled visual novels: Chess of Blades, Red Embrace, and Red Embrace: Hollywood.

Our main goal going into the con was to sell merchandise and showcase RE:H.

Indie Games

MomoCon offers a special indie game developer exhibit space and location, and in previous years, there was also an Indie Game Awards showcase. The exhibit booth included a 10x10 space, 6’x2’ skirted table, 2 chairs, 5amp power hookup, 4 MomoCon 4-day passes, WiFi, 3ft low curtains separating booths and the hallway, and a tall 8ft curtain at the back (separating our booth from the one behind us).

There were 11 indie developers + the Indie Cluster (5 developers who shared a larger space), with a mixture of tabletop and video games.

our day 1 booth setup

Booth on day 1


Total: $2707

Packing List

Would have been nice to pack…

Didn’t use…

Lessons Learned





day 3 exhibit booth setup with two tables: one with two computers and the merch stand, and another with cards and buttons spread out on top

Booth on Day 3, giveaway poster at the back used to be to the left of the posters but kept falling off the curtain so we taped it to a poster crookedly.


a streamer playing red embrace hollywood as we sat behind having lunch

People felt more comfortable visiting our booth when we were busy having lunch.

Final Thoughts

This convention was expensive, both in money and time. Flight prices were double what they would have been in earlier years. The hotel was reasonably priced. We didn’t get as much out of it as we had hoped, but we did learn a lot with respect to the general con-going experience/process. We’re taking this knowledge with us to Indy PopCon, and we hope to catch you there!

Special Thanks

Everyone we met was super nice, and we got dinner with some fellow indie devs. Thanks everyone for helping make our MomoCon2022 experience!

voice actor of main character in Aquadine posing with the lead developer of Aquadine, Brian @softcolors

Aquadine developer @softcolors on Twitter

Check x Mate game by Sliced Kiwi, exhibitor booth

Sliced Kiwi, exhibiting Check x Mate

Matrioshka Games exhibiting Expedition Agartha

Matrioshka Games' exhbitor booth for Expedition Agartha

pc-98 reimu cosplay

Touhou represent by @mpolchan on Instagram. We didn't see too many Touhou cosplayers, sadly.

Misc pics

screenshot of the front page of momocon2022 website

Website screenshot because it will get wiped and updated with next con's info

Pikachu inflatable costumed person holding a MomoCon2022 sign
Outdoor sky

End of day 1

Children's healthcare booth with Star Wars fundraising where you could shoot a Stormtrooper with a Nerf gun
Lots of Star Wars cosplayers from the Atlanta Star Wars cosplay association
dangan ronpa komaeda fan photoshoot
Dovah giving an interview while people play games

Interview time for Dovah (offscreen)!

indie cluster and crowds at MomoCon

One of the busier days.

ddr arcade machine
jubeat machine with touhou songs

Questions or Comments?

Feel free to send in questions about RE:P and any AG/GAG games (or dev-related questions)! Our Ask Box is always open.

Answering Asks!

what are Zhang’s favorite song when he’s around

A: Butterfly Lover’s Concerto by He Zhanhao (何占豪) and Chen Gang (陈钢).