Hiring a Ren’Py programmer for some contract work, and our next community event is this weekend!


We need to update Requiescence to the latest Ren’Py version so that we can make updates (especially for Android). Details below:

Looking to hire a Ren’Py-proficient programmer to update one of our games (Requiescence) from v6.x to v7.3.

The game uses legacy gui code and switches between NVL and ADV mode fairly often, so there are a couple of major bugs there that make the upgrade not smooth sailing.

If interested, please send rates and portfolio to contact@argentgames.co with subject line: Programmer for Requiescence Update

Community Event

The next community event is happening this weekend! There will be two sessions, approximately 2-3hrs each. Join us on our Discord! We’ll be playing some games (Hunger Games simulation, scribbl.io) and/or telling stories.

Ask answers

No questions in our Ask Box this week! Feel free to send in your queries about anything RE:H or AG related.