Today’s update covers the post-launch of RE:H, and discusses what’s up next on our plates!

RE:H Release!

released pic

The long-awaited arrival!

In case you haven’t heard, we released RE:H last weekend! If you haven’t had a chance to grab the game yet, it’s available on Steam (now with achievements!) and for $19.99. Android will be coming soon!

It’s been an awesome, wild ride so far. Fans have been discussing theories, characters, and endings in our Discord server, and we’ve received plenty of fanart and some fanfics already! Your support’s made us very, very happy, and we’re thrilled to see that RE:H’s having such an impact so soon.

showcase pic

Guy on the right, you are the real MVP.

Last Sunday, we actually exhibited RE:H in the real world at an indie game showcase collocated with PAX West. We really loved getting to see people’s reactions in real time, and running into folks who recognized RE:H was a surreal (but awesome) experience!

Death of the Buggies

Just after release, players caught quite a few bugs that we worked our very hardest to defeat. In a game as large as RE:H, we had a feeling we’d encounter some, but we really appreciate the help of everyone who sent in bug reports and screenshots.

A huge thanks for your patience and assistance in helping us make RE:H bug-free!

cyclops heath

No more Heathclops.

On Endings

We noticed in a few reviews that some people expressed dismay about the grim nature of several endings. RE:H advertises itself as a dark and potentially disturbing game from the start, and we did expect passionate reactions to its bleak tone. We’re equally as grateful for these comments as the positive feedback we’ve been getting–it’s encouraging that players are engaging enough to feel so strongly about the game.

Instead of presenting the same happy conclusions you’ve seen in media many times before, RE:H seeks to provide a very different experience, one that can definitely challenge the player. The final special ending casts some light on why some of the other endings are “dark” but also hints at a more hopeful, encouraging way to interpret them. Of course, this experience isn’t for everyone, and if it’s not for you, then we completely respect your right to dislike it.

To everyone who has left feedback on RE:H so far, positive or negative: Thank you for playing and expressing your thoughts!

heath kisses

Heath, what are you doing in this post twice?

What’s Coming Up Next?

We’ve still got quite a bit of post-release work to finish up, including–

…And finally, when we’ve worked our way through that list, we’ll be starting on a new game!

Ask answers

Some questions from our Ask Box for you this week! Feel free to send in your queries about anything RE:H or AG related.

NOTE: The following questions include STRONG SPOILERS, so continue reading at your own risk!

Q: What would Lazarus do if he ran into someone who recognized him from his previous profession? Especially someone who was a fan?

A: Getting recognized would be a harrowing experience for Laz. Part of the reason MC meets him in his particular state is because he wanted to detach from his old “self,” an artificial construct forced onto him. Whether he’d kill the fan or not depends on the circumstances, but he’d be more likely to take the despair out on himself–or on a larger group of people.

Q: Will we ever learn who was the MC’s sire? And is there any way for the MC to become LA’s leader?

A: By the time you finish Markus’ special ending, you’ll gain some further insight into the MC’s sire. Hang in there!

As for becoming LA’s leader, it’s definitely possible. Get enough reputation with all three factions, make your ambitions known, and see if you can garner Randal’s support…