Brief update on RE:H’s Android build.

Happy Friday the 13th and Mid-Autumn Festival!

RE:H Android

We’re excited to report that the Android build seems to be progressing steadily and smoothly. Though Ren’Py can somewhat easily export to an Android format, we discovered that the game absolutely required optimization. During the Beta period, users found the game crashing due to memory issues. (We really love our high resolution images.) After fiddling a lot with settings, options, and methods of image implementation, we’ve finally found a (partial?) solution that seems to be working. Users that encountered crashes are now able to move past the scenes of wreckage. Although, there are some new bugs to address (images being in the wrong location)!

No images to show here due to the spoiler-y nature of them, but if you’re hanging around the #reh channels on our Discord, you’ll find some progress images. They can be somewhat…disconcerting.

Ask answers

Some questions from our Ask Box for you this week! Feel free to send in your queries about anything RE:H or AG related.

Q: Is there any possibility of post-launch DLC for Red Embrace: Hollywood similar to the DLC Luka route released for the original Red Embrace? Maybe a new mentor introduced or some new places in Hollywood to visit and explore?

(Btw, I finished my first playthrough of RE:H, and I loved it! I’m actually a fan of the macabre endings - it makes the game feel even more like an Anne Rice novel. Keep up the great work, y’all!)

A: There’s certainly a possibility for DLC.