Today’s post covers the (COMPLETE!) Common Route, and some CG teasers!

Common Route Complete!

RE:H’s Common Route is complete! Chock full of variations and different outcomes, it’s sure to be a wild ride~

m "Now, despite what you may think, the number of vampires in Los Angeles is fairly low--most of us all know each other, or at least each other's names."
m "Word about you will spread faster than herpes in a game of spin-the-bottle. In fact, I've a mind to believe it's already spreadin'."
m "Everything you do or say will get out keep that locked up in your mind somewhere, safe and sound."

_Everything has consequences._

Next up: Side conversations/scenes, and editing/finalizing the main 3 routes! It’s been a very long ride with the script–which is shaping up to be huge–but things are finally reaching the last stretch!

"A few steps further, and I heard a strange wet sound echoing down the tunnel..."
"The next corner I rounded--"
"I spotted them."
"A thin, androgynous figure crouched before a limp body."    

_What could they be doing?_

CG Teasers!

Our wonderful sprite artist Sh00 is currently working on all CGs, including redoing the ones you’ve already seen in-game (done by a different artist).

We have a few WIP sketches for you today, with more to come in the following weeks!

cg teaser

A familiar scene...

The CGs are the last major asset (along with a few remaining music tracks) that needs to be completed! In the next couple of weeks, we should be able to determine a rough period for a release date.

cg teaser

What could be happening here...?

Ask answers

More questions from our Ask Box for you this week! Feel free to send in your queries about anything RE:H or AG related.

Q: Out of all the characters we get to meet, who is the oldest in order?

A: Ages are something you’ll have to question the characters about in-game! ;D However, here are a few fun hints~

Q: Did the Houses originate in Hollywood or from somewhere else? Markus mentioned that vampires have existed as long as humans have so how did vampires end up settling into Golgotha/Iscari/Mavvar?

A: The Houses (as in, the different “types” of vampires) have been around since the origin of our bloodsucking friends. However, their names have evolved many times since then, only settling into their current states around 313 A.D.

What’s the history of these names? There’s much speculation, but no clear answers…