Today’s post covers side conversations, a Heath promo wallpaper, and asks!

Scriptwriting and editing are reaching their final stages, which means…

NEXT WEEK: Programming begins! In-game screenshots and gifs are on their way, at last!

Side Conversations/Scenes

In between the main story and route scenes in RE:H, the MC will have several opportunities to visit different locations in Los Angeles, where they can talk to various vampires and increase (or decrease) their reputation with the factions.

These scenes (which we’re currently working on) provide an opportunity to have casual conversations that don’t occur in the main storyline. Some time ago, we released a survey for you, the players, to say which questions you’d like to ask the RE:H cast in-game!

Here were some of the most popular answers:

There were also questions for individual characters that were quite popular:

markus survey responses

Stories, eh?

You can look forward to asking many of these questions in-game! They’ll provide some interesting insight into many characters, but beware–a busy vampire can only visit so many places before the sun rises…

Heath Promo Wallpaper!

To celebrate the upcoming end of scriptwriting and editing, we’re releasing a promo pic/wallpaper featuring Heath!

[Click to download full resolution!](

This promo piece was done by Sabina Lewis.

Ask answers

More questions from our Ask Box for you this week! Feel free to send in your queries about anything RE:H or AG related.

Q: Red Embrace Hollywood will be the first VN I know that has customizable CG’s and MC appearances. I wonder how you design the CG’s for this. It would be impossible to draw a separate scene for every variation in MC design, so how does this work in practice, if CGs are hand drawn? I’m really curious.

A: The CGs are comprised of many layers in Photoshop–each element has its own layer (both for skin/hair/eye colors and hairstyles, accessories, etc.). In-game, the script checks to see your MC’s appearance variables and arranges the CG layers accordingly, like making a sub sandwich to-order!

Q: Regarding the character creation section in RE:H, will there be options such as facial hair or body frame size?

A: There aren’t any options for facial hair or body frame in RE:H, as we had to limit the number of customization options due to the amount of work involved. However, with the many small customizations that can be mixed and matched, rest assured your character will look unique!

We will very much encourage players to draw/write about their own MCs when the game’s released, even if they don’t match in-game appearance options!