Today’s post covers more Markus route progress, a couple new characters, and a music teaser!

Markus Route: Nearing 50% Complete!

Progress on the script for Markus’ route continues, nearing the 50% mark! The route, much like Markus himself, is proving to be highly unpredictable and is developing in very…interesting ways.

Even the veteran VN players among you will be thrown a surprise or two, guaranteed. Of course, that’s to be expected in a place like Hollywood.

Markus script.

Believe it or not, this is from one of the most serious scenes in his route.

Sprite Teasers

We have two more sprites for you today: a main/side character and a backer character! Say hello to these lovely ladies~

Main Character

Some of you may remember this fabulously-dressed girl from our [Valentine’s Day] ( “vday link”) post…but who might she be?

Who dis?

'A charmer, I see. Real or fake, compliments are always nice to hear.'

Backer Character

Another WIP for one of our backer characters, who has some truly fantastic hair. Where might she pop up?


T-shirt design to come!

Music Teaser

Another music teaser for you today! This one is a little different from the others, as more of an eerie ambiance than a traditional song. Don’t get too scared.

Ask answers

Another question from our Ask Box for you this week! Feel free to send in your queries about anything AG related.

Q: Will we ever be able to pre-order RE:H?

A: We decided not to do pre-orders for RE:H. However, you can add it to your wishlist on Steam (which helps us a lot on launch day), or else [follow us on] ( “itch link”) to get notified of release!