Markus’ route is now nearly 1/3 complete! Read a script snippet and check out some art teasers~

Markus Route Update

Markus’ route is just about 1/3 written! After some initial outlining, progress has sped up considerably.

You can expect to see a number of interesting references to other routes within Markus’, although they may not unravel completely until you’ve finished the special endings…

Markus script.

Which way?

Sprite Teasers

The end is finally in sight for sprites–there are just a few backer characters and some final expressions to do. Exciting, right?

For now, let’s take a look at the WIP sketches for a couple of new backer characters! Like the previous pair, these two will pop up for a chat or two in-game, adding some more dynamic personalities to the vampiric underworld.

backers teaser

New chars!

And then, a finely-groomed Iscari agent who may appear now and then, enforcing his employer’s requests…

agent teaser

But he might never tell you his name.

Ask answers

We have quite a few questions from our Ask Box for you this week! Feel free to send in your queries about anything AG related.

Do you plan to release additional (minor/side) character routes via DLC for RE:H later?

A: Most likely not, but we may consider it based on how some characters are received. The two major female characters would be the most likely to get side routes, but Saorise’s would be purely platonic/friendship focused.

Can I ask how big RE:H’s cast is?

A: There are eight major characters (excluding the MC), ten minor/supporting characters (with sprites), and several more who don’t appear on screen but have a role in the story.

You probably won’t (and maybe can’t?) meet all of them every playthrough, so remember to hang out at different spots~

Are vampires capable of surviving under water?

A: Yes! Vampires in the RE:H universe have absolutely no need to breathe, although many of them continue to mime it (including sighs, gasps, etc.) either consciously or subconsciously.

A permanently soggy vampire could potentially get pretty gross, though.

Do you know how much is Red Embrace: Hollywood going to cost or not yet?

A: We’re currently guessing around $17 or $18, but as the word count and total game length are still TBA, that estimate isn’t set in stone yet.

On mobile, all the routes (and possibly route chapters) will have the option to be individually purchased.

Would it be too spoilery to ask what kind of NSFW things to expect in the different routes?

A: The NSFW content in RE:H is not particularly kink-focused–or at least, not in any traditional sense. It is, however, definitely unique, and the player’s perception of the scenes may differ greatly based on their choices…

And let’s not forget, two corpses flopping against each other is a recipe for an interesting time.

When is a “rogue vampire” considered a “rogue vampire”? Our sire is called that in the demo by Saorise.

A: When Saorise says a “rogue vampire” in the demo, she’s referring to any vampire who isn’t affiliated with her organization (without going into technicalities, since MC is still new).

Prior to the events of RE:H, the vampiric Houses of L.A. were all ruled by Saorise, including the Mavvar and Golgotha. Even after the war broke out, some Mavvar and Golgotha remained loyal to her, which is why the Iscari organization remains so strong. Therefore, Saorise sees all the vampires who decided to rebel (or claim to be unaffiliated) as having “gone rogue,” as they technically are the minority.

There’s no official definition across all vampiric society, though. For example, in the original RE, Bishop would’ve seen any vampire in San Fran outside of his official coven as a “rogue.”