What kinds of work environments do we work in? Are we fairly static in our environment decisions? Perhaps certain locations are more helpful for particular parts of the dev process? Cover image by Discord member CipherMeisa.

Various work environments imagined

Yellow. By CipherMeisa

Where to work

Both of us (Dovah and Gamma) work primarily on laptops, but there are certainly various combinations of: particular locations, times of the day, and stages of the dev process that factor into our working location of choice.


Time of day

Game dev stages

As you can see, there are very very many factors and oh so many possible combinations! Not that all the combinations are weighted equally. In fact, it is very much possible for certain combos to have a probability or historical occurrence of close to nil for a particular game!

One example might be: [library corner, after dinner, after release]. Actually, it is rare to even get [library corner, after dinner] together since dinner usually happens at home, and the library requires leaving the house. Once home, it can be difficult to leave again–think about all that inefficient commuting.

We definitely have some favorites (as one might guess, locations within the house are quite popular, certainly not due primarily to convenience), but there is also plenty of rotation. Sometimes one must artificially force a change of scenery.