Happy holidays everyone! For those who celebrate some form of Christmas, you will recognize that today’s dev log falls on the eve of the holiday–the question is, what was the day like over here at Argent Games?

It is indeed the holidays, so we have both work and non-work obligations to take care of. Family, dinner, food, taking some time off? Check.

Over on the AG side of things: standard daily tasks like checking email, responding to people, various menial spring/winter cleaning chores. Check.

Today, we added a shiny new FAQ section to our Dev Blog, which you can see in our menu bar! Please check it out and we welcome any suggestions for expanding it. You can send us a message on our social media channels, through our curious cat, or through our email/discord.

All in all, it was a fairly normal day over here, perhaps with a little bit more off time and delicious food.

We hope you have had a wonderful day as well, and we’ll see you soon with more updates!