Get 15% off our store and enjoy the beautiful chaos from our February community event!

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happy valentines day 2021 from bishop and argent games. chibi bishop at right holding up a glass of wine or blood

We have a new wallpaper for you all! It lives with all the other free wallpapers we have released, and you can access it directly by clicking on the image.

Commmunity Event

Our recent community event was Pictionary, featuring characters from Red Embrace: Hollywood and Chess of Blades in a variety of scenarios. We took turns at the board, resulting in this masterpiece you see.

lots of sketches and drawings of ag characters in weird scenarios like randal crabwalking or bishop turning into a cat

Can you guess any of the prompts…?

We had a lot of fun and hope you’ll join in on next month’s event!

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Thanks so much for all of your amazing support, and stay safe out there!