SCU beta testing is well under way with some pesky bugs already rearing their heads at the start!

SCU bugs

The internal beta testing is off to a rocky start, with bugs invading at the very start, not to mention general difficulties with the Unreal Editor.

player camera halfway below the floor

Help, we've fallen through the floor and can't get up

In the beginning cutscene, you look around you and get up from a bench. And then you fall through the floor! Sometimes! With a delicate setup of only using in-editor simulation mode (instead of making a separate build) and starting the game at an arbitrary camera location (where the game logic script moves the player camera to the correct location automatically), we’re able to at least start playing the game.

bright blue fog on close up of the phone in store 1

It sure is bright and blue in here

After building the lighting in the scene, a bright blue fog decided to make its home indoors.

close up of small toy rack with single box that says Brick on it


All is not bugs galore though. The props in the room where you walk towards giant floating words have been given a bit of a makeover! Bzzt, we’re in the Wire now. Collect the mighty Bricks to ADVANCE.

silver clip rudder on back of raft in shape of classic paper cup with vaporwave blue and purple squiggles design

I'm thirsty...

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