We’re headed to Dreamhack Atlanta, and there’s an ongoing Halloween community event! Thumbnail image by Discord member CipherMeisa#5091.

Dreamhack Atlanta

We’re going to Dreamhack Atlanta to showcase RE:H at their Indie Playground! Save the date for Nov 15-17 (Friday-Sunday), roughly noon-8PM. We’ll be at I-23.

dreamhack atlanta 2019 indie playground map

If you’ll be around, come and say hi! We’ll be giving away some pins~

Halloween Wallpaper

Happy (belated) Halloween, and please enjoy this wallpaper featuring a costume switcheroo between Linnaeus and Markus!

linnaeus from chess of blades and markus from red embrace hollywood wearing each others' clothes

Click for full size download

Halloween Event

We’ve been running a Discord Halloween community event, and it’s still not too late to join! All the details can be found in our #halloween_event channel, but the gist of it is a collaborative multimedia creation. We provided a prompt, some people have been writing, and others are creating Quality Art and Sound. Some are championing multiple roles! The creation half of the event ends today, and after a brief break on Tuesday, the consumption half (reading our creation) will commence.


Phase 1 – Oct 31 (Thurs) - Nov 4 (Mon): Content creation

Break – Nov 5 (Tues): Organize reading groups

Phase 2 – Nov 6 (Wed) - Nov 10 (Sun): Content consumption

Ask Answers

No questions to answer from our Ask Box for you this week! Feel free to send in your queries about anything RE:H or AG related.