Making the translation validator script a little more flexible. Thumbnail image by Discord member Dally.

Flexibility update

We first introduced our fragile but working translation validator in this post. The code itself hasn’t been changed much, so you can refer back to that post for descriptions of how each section works. The messy hard-coded version back then came around to bite recently, so we decided to finally clean it up a little. It’s still fairly fragile, but at least we can input an arbitrary game now, instead of digging through the code and changing the filepaths!

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There are two shiny ways to run the file. Command line, with something like:

python --game_dir YourDryDelight --tl_files common eastman leslie script --language chinese_simp

or if you decide to change the files directly in the script with the first __main__ function, make sure to comment out the second __main__ function (the one that has an argsparser in it) and then run python

Note: All code written in python==3.6