Continuing from the previous NVL Menus post, we have the window hiding/showing automatically now! Featuring a poem by Discord member skyglitter.

NVL Menu

A quick update from last wee: we’ve implemented a menu callback function to handle all the window hide before entering menu (nvl=True) and window show immediately after a player makes a choice.

def _nvl_menu_dialogue_callback(mode, old_modes):
    old = old_modes[0]
    if len(old_modes) > 2:
        if "nvl_menu" == old_modes[1]:
    if mode == "nvl":
        if "nvl_menu" == old:


This snippet checks if we switched between nvl and nvl_menu modes, which Ren’Py conveniently logs for us. If we add this code snippet to a python block at the beginning of the game, then we can just do:

$ renpy.pause(0.3, hard=False)
nn "A few moments later, he leaned towards me, this time sniffing close to my neck."
    "What are you—":
        nvl clear
    "Get the hell away from—":
        nvl clear
        $ renpy.pause(0.4, hard=False)
        mn "Heh, heh. A little on edge, aren't we?"
        nvl clear
$ renpy.pause(0.4, hard=False)
show markus 1_nvl with Dissolve (0.2)

This means that as far as updating our menus to NVL-mode goes, we just have to change menu statements to menu (nvl=True) and set the n_mode('nvl') flag. Next up is making n_mode('nvl') set itself automatically!

Golgotha Affection

Life was drained from me and now my mind is not my own
Someone has gone through my head and moved all my possessions 
The lies have shed and now understanding is my lonely throne
After all, to be solitary is a madman's traditional profession 

But perhaps I was too quick to these melancholy moans
I am not completely unaccompanied, I make that concession 
For in Hell there's a man who became my chaperone
He held me under his wing until it became an oppression 

In madness and strength, no one could deny how I'd grown
We are equal now and nothing can stop our succession
We thrive among the thralls, depraved and the unknown
Together we will enjoy the horrors of the world, each as each others obsession
-- skyglitter