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Randal’s Route–Completed!

Let’s start with something exciting: Randal’s route (or “mentorship story”) is now finished!!

Last night, Dovah finished the final scene in Randal’s “special ending,” the unique unlockable finale to each route. Then he scrolled back up and realized how many damn choices are in previous scenes.

The story flow and atmosphere of Randal’s path changes a great deal based on one’s choices in the “main storyline,” as well as choices made in-route. What does this mean? It means that each playthrough has the potential to see different sides of Randal, his followers, and even the MC themself.

And as for the adult content–like we said in the Kickstarter campaign, we hope you’re ready for it.

Next up: Heath’s route! let the emotional torment begin~

A wild Mickey Mouse appears

Art Update

Here are some more sneak peeks of WIP pose variations for the main cast, including arm and head changes!

Randal raises an arm in exasperation.

A not so happy Randal

Heath rubs his chin in contemplation.

Heath daydreaming about something

RE:H Crack Theories

Meanwhile, on our Discord server, fans have been coming up with some wild and entertaining ideas for how RE:H’s story and characters will turn out.

Some especially fun ones include:

Hm…we’re sensing a trend here.

If you want to join in the fun (and get access to the “crack theories” doc), join our Discord server!