Trying out a new todo list since the previous calendar/spreadsheet version got buried under dust.

Task list

We’ve written in some prior posts about our various attempts to stay organized and keep track of tasks. The version prior to our current system was a combination of a calendar with tasks spanning 1+ days, where the tasks could also be viewed in a list format. Needless to say, everyone at Argent Games stopped looking at the calendar shortly after and reverted back to personal notepad task lists.

In a new bid for organization, we have created a simple todo list, no fancy bells and whistles aside from being able to click on an entry to automatically change the text formatting to a strikethrough and filling in a checkbox.

It’s essentially the same as our personal lists, so we seem to be sticking to using it a bit better. There is something nice about the empty simplicity of a basic text list. No extra lines, dates, boxes, or other various design elements to increase the cognitive load.

screenshot of notion page. two column template with Marketing and PC headings in the left column and DMR and General headings in the right column. Marketing column has 7 tasks with each day of the week. DMR has one task completed to show the formatting change.

Questions or Comments?

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Thanks so much for all of your amazing support, and stay safe out there!