Quick code snippet for making the car ride animations in RE:H and DMR.

Car bump animation

Just a small repeating loop that moves the y axis of the image at a pseudo-random interval to simulate riding across the bumpy road.

Might be a little too dark to see, but the bg should be moving up and down a little bit

Stare closely to see the subtle vertical movement that is extra subtle due to low-res low-framerate gif

image bg train:
    # contains:
        "images/extras/dark_train.jpg" # the background image
        size (2100, 1180) # make the size slightly bigger than the game window, which is at (1920,1080), so that when we move the background image, we don't run off the edge of the background

        pause (renpy.random.randint(0,1))
        easein 0.15 ypos 1140 #move the bg down a little
        easein 0.15 ypos 1100 # move the bg back up to the default location
        pause 0.4 # wait a little between bumps
        easein 0.15 ypos 1110
        easein 0.15 ypos 1100
        pause 0.1 # wait a different amount between each bump
        easein 0.15 ypos 1115
        easein 0.15 ypos 1100
        pause (renpy.random.randint(1,3))
        easein 0.15 ypos 1120
        easein 0.15 ypos 1100
        pause 0.5
        pause (renpy.random.randint(1,2))
        easein 0.15 ypos 1110
        easein 0.15 ypos 1100
        pause 0.1
        easein 0.15 ypos 1122
        easein 0.15 ypos 1100

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