Addressing a couple questions about RE:H and squashing some bugs.

Red Embrace: Hollywood now at v1.3

We hope you have all been enjoying the game and love reading up on all your reactions. Thanks to all your enthusiasm, we were able to uncover (and fix!!) some nasty bugs that made the climax branch confusing.

Ask answers

Some questions from our Ask Box for you this week! Feel free to send in your queries about anything RE:H or AG related.

Q: In the CG gallery it only displays the MC as the default options even though I never played as that, is this a known bug? Also some of Heath’s CG variations don’t show up in the CG galley either (the ones where he’s hiding under a table/has his head in someone’s hands.) In the game he had some expression changes during those but the gallery only shows a single static one.

A: MCs in the gallery should now reflect your previously created MC. It’s currently an intentional design for not every CG variation to show up in the gallery.

Q: will heath always run away no matter what? :( i’ve replayed his route like 3-4 times picking different option/house and it always ends the same…

A: He will not always run away. That was a bug addressed in v1.2/3!

We’re continuing to work on a bit of balancing based on all of your feedback. Look forward to some more rapid updates!